Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Thoughts - Gay

I'm watching a new show on FX. One of the characters is getting yelled at for using the word 'gay' to mean 'dumb.'  The PC homosexuals are in an uproar about it, even though real life homosexuals use words like 'faggot' and 'queer' and 'homo' to mean exactly what they mean to all the rest of us, which are all derogatory, and everybody knows it. But under the rules of political correctness we are all expected to alter the English language to dance to the tune of religious crusaders in New York City who then use their billions to shove their religious intolerance into law via Washington DC. Fuck that shit. Let's talk reality:

Have a gay old time

Prior to the late 1970s, 'gay' meant only one thing - happy. The Flintstones theme song even encouraged kids to watch the show because it was a happy show and they'd "have a gay old time." But around the time of disco, the homosexual community hijacked the word and began using it to mean homosexual. So thanks to cocaine and disco, 'gay' suddenly began to mean 'homosexual' instead of 'happy.' At the same time, straight people began to use 'gay' to mean both 'homosexual' and 'idiotic' or 'ridiculous' or 'stupid.'  Suddenly, 'gay' became a word that could be used in a multitude of occasions. And this remained the reality of the English language up until Hillary Clinton needed a gay political machine to help her try to take the White House after her husband, Bill, was through with it.

The Gay Political Machine adopted a militantly religious and intolerant stance toward anyone who dared to disagree with the lesbian-supremacist view. Of course, the lesbian-supremacist view is ever-changing and so no one can keep up with it. But that's the whole idea, to keep everyone perpetually off-balance and apologizing for pretend and imagined slights. So in the late '90s and early 21st Century, it was suddenly declared by the communist atheists of the feminist/gay political movement to be a 'sin' to use the word 'gay' to mean anything other than 'homosexual.' 

Except, if you ever actually use the word 'sin' those same religious fanatics go berserk and attack you for potentially being a Christian, something they hate with more passion than they hate anyone else, even white males.

Meanwhile, 'gay' continues to mean what it has always meant to everyone outside of the Gay Political Machine and their followers. And they're actually fine with that. They just want an excuse to throw tantrums and pretend to be offended so they can get their judges to rule basic laws to be unconstitutional even though they clearly aren't. Everyone is so busy being sorry, thinking they have offended the perpetually offended religious gay Left, that they never notice that the entire legal system has been eradicated and replaced with random chaos and total lawlessness.

Meanwhile, the word 'faggot' continues to have a million different definitions depending on what country you're in and who you ask.

1. Faggot - a bundle of sticks or twigs
2. Faggot - a bundle of iron bars
3. Faggot - a ball of chopped meat, usually pork liver
4. Faggot - needlework
5. Faggot - a bundle or bunch of anything
6. Faggot - a homosexual man

And 'fag' has even more definitions:

1. Fag - a cigarette
2. Fag - a student at a British remedial school who is required to do menial tasks students in a higher class
3. Fag - a drudge
4. Fag - an end of a cloth or a cord
5. Fag - a homosexual man
and many, many more!

This is reality. The English language is an ever-changing language that simply adapts to the reality of how the people who use it genuinely speak. But to the political crusaders who seek to cower all right-thinking individuals into perpetual fear of offense, there can be only one definition of any word, and that is whatever definition gains them the greatest political advantage.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of political and religious fanatics trying to hijack the English language just so they can endlessly bitch and whine about feeling 'oppressed' while they sit around the White House counting their billions and smoking crack with the President of the United States. The only people truly being oppressed in the West are people who live in the world of reality and don't blindly follow Left-wing Marxist crusaders who never grow tired of marching in the streets, waving signs and bitch, bitch, bitching about how everyone else in the world is oppressing them and owes them an apology.


  1. Once again, you nailed it, Steve...

    How's Memphrica tonight??


    1. RedShoe, Memphrica is hot and humid tonight. And its expected to get even hotter throughout the week. Ugh, August is upon us!

  2. Music, in its original form in symphonic settings, is often printed in German, French or Italian. In German, a bassoon is “fagott”. “Homo” (outside of slang) pertains to “Genus Homo”, or “humans”. The very nature of the PC terminologies is imbecilic. “Homosexual”, outside of the PC definition, is biological and refers to “same sex”. In other words, the “sexual” part of that compound terminology refers to gender and not intercourse. If a person looked it up, they would see that the “intimate” deviation of that word is merely a psychological deviation of the original scientific meaning. Same with the fabricated term “homophobic”. The ridiculous literal meaning being “fear of humans”. Homophobic is only a term the “gay” community made up to express their own bigotry of others, even though they cry when it is done to them. Fair is fair, ya know.

    They DO KNOW what they are doing. It is the same thing that certain sectors (NOT the majority) of the black community does with the word “NIGGER”. Of course, this is another word whose origins had tangible definitions before the PC world perverted it. So is that a bad word? If it is a bad word, then why do black entertainers make untold fortunes REPEATEDLY using that word in rap, TV shows, movies and other for-profit entertainment venues? Black people say it, they make money saying it, they sell it and white people buy it and make the no-talent losers rich so those celebrities and others can make more of it. Of course it is okay for white people to PAY for the stuff with “nigger” in it but THEY DARE NOT THEMSELVES SAY IT OUT LOUD! If white people do, they get fired, ridiculed, labeled as bigots, run out of office and are banned from the NBA and forced to sell their team. When they stop saying it, I will too. Maybe.

    The gay community is playing the same game. They are taking ownership of words that are in the dictionary and making them perfectly alright for their own usage yet attempting the same consequences, as mentioned above for saying “nigger”, to all others. They do the same with the rainbow. A religious symbol as well as a beautiful natural phenomenon is now expected to be the symbol of two guys sodomizing each other EXCLUSIVELY. Their objectives include becoming a protected class. That will mean that the ONLY segment of the population that will NOT be a protected class are white men who are not elderly, disabled, gay and/or illegals. Again, I will continue to use words such as gay and fag and queer, etc , as I always have, as is authorized by my trusty and huge, hard-bound and unaltered printed dictionary.

    Politicians are on board as well. Of course, since it tears at the moral and religious fiber of the nation as well as forcing all others to suppress their own beliefs and lifestyles, then perhaps the objective the politicians achieve is to strengthen their own powers through the division and segmentation of the resident populations. Divide and Conquer. During his first term, Newsweek proclaimed Obama to be the “first gay president” on the cover. Watching him run, lift weights, ride a girl’s bike, try to throw a ball and kissing other men on the lips, only exacerbates that image.

    Of course, for a TRUE walk to the dark side, check THIS out:

    1. Bronx, nearly 100 years ago the communist party said they would do all of this, using any group they could convince to follow them, and they mentioned women and gays specifically. They've succeeded in every single goal they set and attempted. There are only a few left. By the time they achieve those, if they do, the West will be dead.


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