Monday, February 17, 2014

Things That Piss Me Off - 2014 Olympic Edition

I used to do these posts, specifically writing about things that piss me off. Then I just sort of lost my way and turned my entire blog into one long 'things that piss me off.' And then Riot Kitty posted one and it reminded me that I used to actually enjoy specifically writing posts that were not a general commentary, but a specific post about things that make me mad. So for no other reason than my own personal entertainment I'm going to bring it back.

Things That Piss Me Off

Magic Johnson spreading his gift

Magic Johnson doing stupid fucking TV ads for Obamacare - Seriously dude, you went out and fucked thousands of women until you got AIDS and now YOU, of all people, are the official spokesman for Obamacare? SERIOUSLY???!!! Clearly your healthcare was pretty damned good before Obama took it away from you with Obamacare or you'd be fucking DEAD already. Now you're promoting something that is destroying everyone's current healthcare? Dude, you are a shameless asshole.

$$$ - Chevy bends over and takes it up the ass - $$$

Chevrolet's gay family ad run over and over during the Olympics - this ad is costing a fortune, far more than ads run at any other time, and yet nothing about it is actually intended to sell any cars. No, this ad is intended to sell homosexuality to an American People who have repeatedly said "no thanks." Didn't you assholes JUST declare bankruptcy 4 years ago? And then our First Gay President raced in and nationalized you up the ass, illegally blocking your bankruptcy, and gave you to the United Auto Workers as a sex slave, did he not? And you still owe $50 billion to the American People, despite the bullshit 'new' math propaganda Obama used to try to claim that you had paid it back. You haven't paid a dime. And now that you've decided to 'repurpose' your company from building and selling cars to pushing homosexuality it is a guarantee that you'll not only never pay that money back, but you'll be going bankrupt again real, real soon, won't you? Yes. And the worst part of all this is that no one ever asked Chevrolet what their fucking opinion was in the first place, and only a fool would jump into this political minefield when all it can do is hurt your business. Small wonder the total fucking idiots ru(i)ning GM wrecked Oldsmobile and Pontiac in this same very young 21st century. It may take a little longer for them to total Chevy, but you just wait, they'll manage it. GM will be gone completely within the next 20 years. And as much as I hate to say it, they deserve it.

What? No gold? Crucify her!

Reporters demanding of American athletes an explanation/apology for not winning a gold medal - the first time I became aware of how shitty American reporters can be to our Olympic athletes was in 2006 when Lindsey Jacobellis was almost to the finish line in the women's snowboardcross for a guaranteed gold medal and then she crashed and lost it to Tanja Frieden of Switzerland. For the next four years they harassed the shit out of her for an 'explanation' for why she failed us and didn't bring home gold. They put so much pressure on her that in the 2010 Olympics she choked and fell off the course again, this time not even qualifying for the gold medal round. 4 more years later in these 2014 Olympics they grabbed her before her qualifying runs and kept talking to her about 'redemption', as if she OWED us a fucking medal and must redeem herself to us for not having won in the previous 2 Olympics. First of all, she owes none of us a damn thing. Secondly, if she gets a medal it is for her and nothing to do with us. We didn't spend endless hours in the freezing cold training, or in the gym, or alone in a fucking ice bath freezing her ass off so she could recover fast enough to train super hard again the very next day or perhaps even later that same day. We did no work at all to win a gold medal. She did the work. If she wins a medal, it is hers. If she doesn't, what is that to us? She owes us NOTHING. No Olympic athlete owes any of us a fucking medal. The medals are for the athletes. If you are a damn fluff bunny with a microphone and no idea what it takes to compete at that level, try having a little respect for the people who work so hard and sacrifice so much for their sport and stop demanding shit of them. And to the reporter bitch who intentionally bombarded Bode Miller about the death of his brother until he broke down and cried, a special FUCK YOU for that shit. What are you trying to be, the next Barbara Walters? That was cold-hearted, self-serving bullshit.

No one wants to see me naked and I REALLY need publicity

"I'm gay" is the new "someone hacked my phone and released naked pictures of me" - it's pretty clear that for celebrities who no one wants to see naked, and thus 'accidentally' allowing nude selfies to be released to the public won't do their careers any good or gain them any publicity, the only alternative is to tell the Gay News Media that they're gay, too. Ellen Page is the latest example of this shameless self-promotion through TMI. Every news site currently includes a headline containing the name "Ellen Page" connected to the word "gay." I've seen enough of her to comment on this 'revelation' and my comment is this: "No shit. We are not shocked. Put your vaj away." And here's the real clincher on this one: she made this statement at a political strategy meeting for gay power groups. That's a bit like Patricia Heaton going into a Catholic Mass and saying to the congregation "I'm a Christian." Shocking, right? Takes real guts to stand up there and say that. Wait, no it doesn't. And it isn't news, either. But if your career is going nowhere and you need some media attention, going to a political rally for gay people and saying that you're gay is an easy way to get it. It's a given that the Gay Media will promote the shit out of you.

Bullshit made me rich

Global Warming assholes angry their religion was disproven who now call it 'Climate Change' - these assholes aren't interested in reality. They're interested in stroking their own egos and manipulating weak-minded sheep into running around in circles with them bleeting in fear of a wolf that's never coming and a sky that isn't falling. The oceans aren't going to swallow coastal cities, the polar bears aren't angry about melting ice, and carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant. But to a raging narcissist playing self-serving games with weak-minded people none of this matters. The truth doesn't matter. In fact, the truth threatens to expose them. So they attack it with religious fanaticism. And when their falsified data feeding the 'climate change' models was exposed and their 'scientists' revealed as willing pawns in a game of deception, the purpose of which was to draw ever-increasing government funding to a problem that doesn't exist, they didn't apologize for their deception. Sociopaths never do. Instead they simply tried to pretend that they had never actually said 'global warming' despite the fact that it was written on the bumper stickers on their Volkswagens and on their T-shirts and on their tattoos and on the title of the books they were promoting and in the records of their testimony before Congress. They denied all of this and insisted that what they'd said all along was that carbon dioxide, and indeed the existence of mankind itself, was causing "global climate change." In other words, they demand that we all allow our governments to eliminate our rights and freedoms in the name of saving the world from the changing seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are changes in climate and weather and should terrify us, they say. And they actually expect us to go along with this hoodoo bullshit and bow to a scary idol they carved out of a tree and submit to their tyrannical rule. They are assholes. They are lying to us. And they know it. But they fully intend to keep doing it because their goal is not 'saving the world,' like some comic book superhero, but the acquisition of great political power and the wealth that goes with it.

Women's hockey - where all the crazy comes out

Olympic women's hockey has fewer refs on the ice than men's hockey - This is not an equality issue. This is a stupidity issue. I don't know who made the decision to have fewer refs out on the ice calling women's hockey at these Olympic games, but they clearly never played any co-ed sports and don't have sisters. Once you teach women how to play a violent game like hockey, assuming they are going to be nice and play sweet and therefore won't require as many referees to keep them from killing each other is just pure stupidity. What moron thought this? I've never seen so many games where players club the shit out of each other with their sticks without getting a penalty as I have in these Olympics, but it's only in the women's games because there aren't enough refs to see it and call the penalty. One main point of refs is to keep games from turning into vicious blood baths. No refs, no restraint. And lots of girls getting their heads bashed with hockey sticks by opponents. BLEARGH!!! And also they're missing calls, like for example a goal Canada scored on Switzerland, but no refs were anywhere near the goal to see it.

OK, I'm sure there's plenty more, but that'll have to do for now. The Olympics are still going and I'm totally glued to this, in case you hadn't noticed. I'll have more later, don't you worry.


  1. I love what you said about the stupid insensitive bitch that interviewed Bode Miller. I could not believe the crap coming out of her mouth. Each question got worse. I felt so sorry for Bode I wished I could have hugged him. I hate media people.

    1. Cheyenne, I just wanted to slap her for that. She kept on and kept on. Who does that to a person in real life? Only a totally insensitive asshole, that's who! And you know that she did it on purpose. Every single photo they've shown of Bode since then is of him crying. They're making it out like he cried because he medalled and not because some narcissistic cunt kept bringing up his brother's death just so she could get credit for making him cry.

  2. You know, in the world of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, advertisements are supposed to represent the demographic for which they are marketing their product. Hence all of the commercials you see where blacks and whites are joined together at the table or at a party. I'm OK with that, as it falls within the spirit and parameters of equal representation in advertisements. It just doesn't work the other way around. AT&T has a "Beats" audio commercial that is black only (I never understood why "Dr. Dre" was chosen as the name for those headphones since he (A) is not a doctor, and (B) as far from being a musician as you can get. Perhaps it is his black thuggish rap that prompted that racist commercial). Moving on, Chevy has done the same. Nothing but queers in that commercial. I feel sorry for the kids. They are exploited. They have NO choice in their "family" structure and they may face bullying at school for being seen so widely in those commercials. I recently heard that when you sign onto Facebook now as a new member, there are apx. FIFTY (50) different "genders" that you can chose from. FIFTY! WTF! I haven't looked. I don't WANT to. Perhaps the Chevy vehicle that is advertised is a piece of shit (probably is - it looks like shit) which prompted the advertisers to chose the commercial content because if you buy it, you will get fucked up the ass.

    I think I said it before. I HATE watching NBC do The Olympics. They show it as they want it to be shown. To get the max advertising dollars (including Fudgsicle-SUV commercials) they predict who will win. They show sappy videos of where that person grew up and how they trained hard despite some hardship story such as they fell out of a rocket ship when they were a kid and broke every bone in their body and somehow, against odds, lived and learned to walk and fly and will for sure win the gold medal in whatever sport it is. When the advertisers are lined up so that the day of that event, (which NBC will of course, save showing it until the end of the broadcast so that ALL the commercials have to be watched) and that person LOSES, well I am sure that it is an embarrassment for NBC, their financials as well as the Low-T, completely lacking in any male hormones Matt Lauer. He probably dives a Chevy SUV...or knows someone that does. The media are all dick heads. So are most of the companies that advertise.

    Ellen Page. I'm gonna edit her out of my X-Men videos. Not so much because she is gay. It's for coming out the day AFTER I had the brilliant idea on your recent blog to find someone like her as "Red". I know she isn't Jessica Biel. I just figured she had the 15yo look you sought without actually being a minor. Forget it. The big bad wolf ain't even gonna want to touch that now.

    My older sister played field hockey in high school. I'm hard-pressed to think of a more violent team sport.

    1. Bronx, when I see ads that clearly aren't intended to please the company's customers and instead are repelling them I know that this company's leadership is either totally incompetent or else they've sold their souls to a religion that compels them to destroy the company paying them in order to push their new faith. In the case of GM, they just recently replaced their CEO with a woman named Mary Barra. The only thing the Gay News Media can say about her is that she is the first woman to hold the job. That's like saying "this person is totally unqualified, but look, they have a vagina!" Considering that GM is now truly Government Motors and not actually anything more than a socialist institution for Obama I should not be surprised that they no longer care about selling cars. Why should they? As a government entity they are now and forevermore "too big to fail."

      Speaking of bigotry in advertising, have you noticed the BP ads during the Olympics? They say they support the American Olympic Team, but they only show women. The only male athlete is representing the paralympics. There are NO male athletes representing our regular Olympic team. BP doesn't support THEM.

      The only good things I can say about NBC having the Olympics is A) it keeps them away from gAyBC and Sumner Redstone's Communist Broadcasting System, both of which would focus exclusively on gay athletes and gay protests. ABC would ignore most of the men's competitions altogether in order to spend more time on female 'issues' and human interest stories, all exclusively about the female athletes, especially the lesbian athletes. You know its true.

      Ellen Page doesn't bother me all that much. Her acting is fine for the roles she's played. But to the Gay Media her sexual habits are the only thing that matters. Nothing she's done in her chosen profession is relevant anymore. It's all about what kind of sex she likes and who she likes it with that we're supposed to fixate on. Because that's all the Gay Media ever thinks about.

      Hockey is designed with violence in it. Why anyone would think that they could drop a ref and only have 2 for the women's Olympic competition is beyond me. Unless NBC WANTED more fighting in the women's games in order to stir more interest in it. That wouldn't surprise me in the least because the selfishness of it is totally consistent with the 'we know best' attitude of the people forcing women into combat against their will in the name of the glorious socialist revolution. What's a few concussions or even a dead girl if it furthers the cause, right? To a socialist 100 million dead girls is not too high a price to pay, so why would they worry over a few bloody faces?

    2. ..or perhaps just have a male hockey ref that the ladies can kick in the testicles with their ice skates? NBC and the dick-less, spineless Matt Lauer and Al Roker (puke and vomit) would probably enjoy that since they have no testicles.

      I didn't know about the new GM CEO. How can I or anybody be surprised. I'm hard-pressed to think of any GM car I'd want to own. I will say that the car commercials that make me want to puke the most (excluding Chevy's Olympic ad) are the sappy pukey Subaru commercials.

      Yeah I did like Ellen Page. You know, if I would have found out that the media found out and disclosed that she was gay, I still wouldn't care. Since she has pushed that, as others have, above her accomplishments as a performer, I'll watch someone else.

    3. Bronx, I'm not sure if any of the refs in the women's hockey matches are male. I was thinking they had one, but now that I'm remembering back to the last game I didn't see one. There's a short blonde woman and a taller woman doinng all the reffing and I can't remember any others. The blonde girl got 2 fingers slammed in a door during a line change and had to have them taped. I don't know what they have as back-ups if one of their female refs gets hurt and can't perform. Surely they wouldn't try to play a match with only 1. But Lord, you never know.

      I test drove the Chevy Camaro. It's a well-built car. But the government mandated a 4 inch higher midline for all cars built in America, so that combined with the chop-top effect designed into the car made it impossible to see out of. The more Big Government intrudes on the auto industry and its decisions, the worse the cars become. With Obama seizing GM and turning it into his version of Lincoln's railroad boondogle I'm hesitant to do any business with them beyond buying parts for my antique GM cars. Having said that, I bought a Dodge not too long after Obama nationalized them and gave them to his cronies over at Fiat. So far I'm still happy with the Dodge, but if Volkswagen or Audi made something comparable for the same price I'd probably have gone with them instead.

      I don't mind watching Ellen Page as long as she doesn't decide to take this 'announcement' idea and start making endless idiotic political statements like Sean Penn or Jim Carey or Matt Damon keep doing. If she just says "I'm gay" and then shuts up about it I'll be OK.

    4. I did see a comment below on Agenda 21. Two aspects of this very real and very seldom heard about item are the ability of the United Nations to know who owns firearms and may empower The United Nations to forcibly remove them from our formerly 2nd Amendment-protected hands, and 2) the redistribution/relocation of populations (Wildlands Project).

      Regarding the first item. I was recently accompanying a family member with small children to a pediatrician appointment. The nurse came in and did all the preliminary exam protocols and then proceed to ask the standard questions. "Do you have any allergies? Do you take any medications? Do you own any firearms?"..."WHAT?!" I could not shut my mouth even though it was not my appointment or my doctor. "JUST WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT?!" I protested. I mean I was half out of my chair and voice raised. The nurse replied "Well we are just concerned about the safe and healthy environment for the children"

      "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!" I further protested. "If that is the case, shouldn't you ask if they own any chain saws or power tools or steak and butcher knives or open-flame grills, or matches and lighters?" I protested. I mean, those are the things more likely to cause injuries to the average resident. Nope. Look it up. Google search that. Seems this is becoming a standard. My theory is that a person may have a firearm that is not registered and/or one that does not have to be registered, such as a rifle or shotgun. A person who does, may see no harm in disclosing this information to a doctor. Of course articles I have read say they often proceed to ask where and how it is stored. For safety reasons, of course. THEN, it is believed that the information is reported to the government. Another reason for the strong push for the new health care laws? It is probably part of the huge and mostly unread law that stacks in printed form, taller than the average NBA athlete.

      From there - well read stories out of California and more and more placed these days. The powers that be decide if a person is "fit" to retain that firearm. Sometimes they are vets. As for the seeming absurdity that UN or any other foreign troops could ever take a domestic intervention roll, just look at recent access Russian troops were given recently to train in Colorado as well as China in Hawaii. HAWAII of all places!

      Look it up. You won't hear about it on the mainstream media. Not unless it affects or is about someone who is gay.

    5. Bronx, Obamacare requires that doctors record everything about your visit on the computer and upload it to the HHS. So yes, your answers about firearms are uploaded to the Federal Government along with everything else they recorded about your visit. So much for the Supreme Court's ruling that citizens have a right to privacy, eh? It disappeared along with our right to keep and bear arms, per the 2nd Amendment, and the right to freedom of religion, per the 1st Amendment, and we won't even bother with the 4th Amendment, which was eradicated long before. After Lincoln illegally suspended habeus corpus, declared martial law in border states and sent troops into the homes of all those border states to confiscate lawfully owned firearms, and then was shot in the head by an assassin, the Supreme Court eventually got around to ruling that he had violate the 2nd Amendment and the confiscation was illegal. So, based on that ruling, there is some hope that this government end-run around previous rulings by the Supreme Court on government firearm registries may yet be declared illegal and forcibly shut down after Obama is gone. So at least there is some hope.

    6. Take a look at this. I just found it:

    7. Interesting. I would wonder. If the doctors asking these questions which are now required by a federal law (Obamacare), will there be penalties for misreporting, as other government agencies (IRS, HUD, etc) impose? I suppose an easy out is to say "no" when the doctor asks that question. Again, is the doctor now a professional that an individual chooses to provide their personal health care, or has the physician now become an official acting agent of the federal government? If it is the latter, will the new health care act force participants to see only the doctors who are "on board" with the invasive and interrogative side of the law?

      I had one doctor who retired from practice because of Obamacare. I have spoken with others who are concerned, in disagreement and also considering their future options. One doctor told me that the local hospital is having staff meetings with the medical staff to hash out the lengthy, convoluted and cryptic aspects of this law. That tells me that there are some pretty significantly concerning things if a doctor is considering abandoning or changing their practice. What penalties might a doctor who disagrees with the requirement to ask about a firearm if they chose NOT to ask their patients? Will the questions end with firearms? Will swords, knives, crossbows, baseball bats, crow bars and toothpicks be next?

      Sounds crazy perhaps. Then again, upon reading the comments to that article you referenced, it would seem many people are finding themselves on that twisted road where logical thinking regarding this matter can seemingly take a person.

      I suppose what is disturbing is, if a person is caught off guard when a doctor asks this misplaced question in a routine exam and if that person reacts out of surprise and concern and even incredulity, as I did, will they check some "this person is wacko and hiding stuff, invade their home" entry?

      As for me, I like answers that redirect. For example, telling them that I have trained for decades in numerous weapon and martial arts styles, and if need be, I can kill a home intruder with their own Bic pen". Stupid thing to say? Perhaps. Then again I remember the myriad of times as a child I heard the "Ask a silly question, you will get a silly answer" comment.

      Thing is, we are still in the preliminary stages of this thing. As your referenced article indicates (and this was news to me, thank you), even the foremost lawmakers don't know what is in the law they are advocating.

    8. Bronx, to the communist Left everything is political and to be used to further their political ambitions of absolute power. They put cameras on the police not to protect us, but to make sure the police are doing exactly what the big centralized government wants them to do. Personal judgement is not allowed. Now they're doing the same to doctors and nurses, removing their freedom to make their own decisions and looking over their shoulders on every single thing they do, monitoring and penalizing, turning them into robots like they're doing to the police and every other profession Big Government has seized control of. Think of the Soviet Union when everyone was encouraged to spy on and report their neighbors to Big Government. This is how a psychopath in power thinks. This is what they want. They want to control every single tiny aspect of every single person's life. Obama seizing control of healthcare means enslaving doctors and nurses. Of course they're quitting. They now have an incompetent psychopath for a boss. No one can work for someone like this. This is why communist countries have to build a wall around their borders to trap the citizens inside and keep them from running away to freedom.

  3. All of these points are right on the money. I am sick and tired of hearing about Gay This and That. I don't care who is gay... unless it's the guy I am dating and then I am invested in that outcome. And coming out at a Gay Convention isn't brave. hahahaha. I had to laugh at all of the tweets from the celebs so quick to jump on the I Love Ellen Page for Coming Out Wagon. It's all crap.

    I already indicated that I am behind on the Olympics watching since I have taped everything, but I heard about that interview. Just shameful. Everyone saw that ploy for what it was... just mean. I hope that interviewer doesn't reach any sort of success for that behavior.

    Climate Change. Global Warming. All that bullshit makes sense when you factor in Agenda 21. If you aren't already up to speed on that one... if you read up on it you will discover that it is all about management of resources and saving the environment. There are videos on YouTube of people who have read this Agenda front to back, attended conferences on it, and it is scary crap. The uber-rich can't make money off of people, but they can make money off of the earth's resources. As you say, it is all about the uber-rich controlling the world. Putting Agenda 21 into effect helps them to do it. Helping them to get there are the Al Gore's preaching climate change. This isn't just crap... it's designed to maneuver us toward Agenda 21.

    Politics, on the surface, seems so pointless and wasteful. However, never doubt that there is an agenda and it is not for the betterment of We The People. It is for the betterment of the uber-rich, so that they can become more so. More money. More power. More control.

    1. Robin, the media is monkey-see-monkey-do without the slightest hint of original thought, so once the powerful forces ruining our nation decided that creating a Gay Political Machine would help them push their Big Government agenda all the little monkeys immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Every single day in the news now there are endless headlines about who is gay and what they're up to and why we should all hate anyone who isn't wearing a rainbow flag and saluting Der Gay Fuerher like a good gay Nazi/Feminist/BlackHispanic Supremacist/Enviroterrorist/Etc. Basically, all these groups are given power and privilege so long as they are useful for the purpose of enlarging and increasing the power of Big Government. Once the Constitution and Bill of Rights are fully eradicated, that same Big Government will abruptly turn against them. Same as it ever was. Lincoln simply arrested editors and shut down every single news outlet that disagreed with his agenda. These days they just buy them all up and transform them into propaganda rags.

      Here's an update on the Olympics - the Russians are REALLY mad after not winning a particular game they desperately needed to win. Slovakia has been making its presence known like never before. Norwegians like endurance skiing. Dutch skate really well. Snowboarders and skiers often get badly hurt in horrible ways. And there sure are a lot of good looking women competing in these winter games.

      I once read up on Agenda 21, but I can't remember what I read. I'll have to reread it. Currently I'm reading up on the corrupt politics that went on in this country during the 1800s. It explains so much about what is wrong now.

  4. Oh, I wanted to reach through the TV and knock that one that was talking to Bode right off my TV!! Some people just leak stupid.

    I, a Canadian, actually spent a few hours the other night trying to make sense of ObamaCare. I failed. Then I had to stop because my daughter was sick and I had to take her to the doctor. Which didn't cost me a cent. Why so complicated America?
    I love the passion the women hockey players play with. I love the incredible talent some of them have -- it's better hockey than the men's sometimes. But oh yes -- the rivalry between us is Epic! whoever thought these "girls" would play nice on the ice is another stupid leakage.
    some people like breakaways and shoot-outs; others just like to watch blood bounce on the ice. That's hockey.

    1. RoryB, I suspect that the woman interviewing Bode knew ahead of time that bringing up his brother would upset him, and I suspect that her boss knew it, too, and was all for the idea of making him break down on camera. There was a lot of crying at this Olympics. It seems to be a new thing.

      No one has made sense of Obamacare. Not even the lawbreakers who passed it into law can make sense of it. But sense isn't the point. Enlarging the Federal Government, centralizing control over our bodies and our lives in the office of the President, and generally ripping the Bill of Rights in half is the point. It doesn't matter if it is a disaster just so long as it never gets reversed. The power it gives to the president is all that this is about. Disaster or not, its the People who suffer while the office of the President explodes his power over all American citizens into the realm of literally deciding whether we can get medical treatment for life and death conditions or not.

      As for Canadian health care, you certainly did pay for it. You pay for it with every single tax you pay, and you pay a lot of them, far more than we do, or did until the passage of Obamacare. Now our economy has fallen and can't get up, like all socialist economies. And eventually it will collapse, again like all socialist economies. At that point, the psychopaths in Washington DC will simply use the collapse as an excuse to declare martial law, suspend habeaus corpus, and send out our cops/soldiers to beat and torture us into slavery while establishing themselves as our Great Leader/King, again like all socialist nations eventually do unless they throw off socialism and reject it. This is why Obamacare doesn't seem to resemble your healthcare, or Australia's, because it isn't about healthcare at all. Its about the seizing of vast political power and eradicating our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      I think the network dicks had a hand in convincing Russia to remove a ref from the women's hockey games specifically for the purpose of increasing fights and making the ratings go up. Typically women's sports don't attract as large an audience as men's sports, with certain sexy exceptions. What better way to jack up the ratings on women's hockey than to remove a ref and encourage a lot of cheap shots, dirty sticks, bad calls and fighting? What do you think the NBA doesn't eject male players who kick or punch other players in the testicles? It's because the indecency of it jacks up the ratings. Anyway, despite the despicable nature of our television networks, the women's hockey has been really good.

      One thing I do have to comment on is curling. I've watched tons of it and I still don't know what the hell is going on.

  5. I'm not even going to touch the ObamaCare point today. It seems each week I am left fuming over a new way I've been screwed over because of it. This comment would never end.

    I am super far behind on the Olympics, so I missed the interview, but judging from this post, the reporter was a real cunt. It makes me sick when they just don't know when to shut up. Yes, you want a reaction, but usually it leaves not only the person being interviewed upset, it's just uncomfortable for us to witness at home. Move on already.

    1. TheresaM, everything about Obamacare was designed to screw us over in ways most people haven't even thought of yet. It will require more than empty promises from politicians to ever free us from this power grab.

      I did an internet search on the Bode Miller interview. Apparently a lot of people were outraged by the whole thing. Bode is taking it all in stride.

    2. Theresa, I tried repeatedly to leave a comment after your latest blog post, but for some reason it won't let me. The page keeps jumping around and closing the comments box without letting me type anything there.

  6. Holy matrimony, those things ended up pissing ME off as I read them!

    1. JulieMatrimony, I'm just glad that you're back. I hope you're finally feeling better again. I have truly missed you. At some point I'll have something new to post, probably unrelated to things that piss me off. Maybe it'll be upbeat next time. ;-)


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