Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fuck You Gay Media!

To most people in the civilized world right now the biggest thing happening is the Olympic Games. Other than the Olympic Games, almost everything else, unless some skyscraper blows up or a jet filled with people crashes, is a minor event. But not to the GAY NEWS MEDIA. Oh no. To the Gay News Media the biggest story in the world is a gay football player who may or may not join the NFL. This would be the same NFL that bent over and fucked Christian football quarterback, national champion, and Heisman winner Tim Tebow, by the way. The NFL hasn't made up its mind yet what it intends to do about a very out Out OUT gay football player, but considering that they force their players to wear pink onto the battlefield throughout the entire month of October and fine players for hitting too hard, but not for kicking each other in the testicles, I believe it is safe to say that the NFL is 100% politically correct and pro-gay. Like NASCAR desperate for Danica Patrick to leave open-wheeled racing and join them so they can use her to sell tickets, the NFL shamelessly intends to use their first flamingly gay currently active player to sell more pink jerseys, rainbow jerseys, all manner of pink and rainbow-colored paraphernalia totally identical to all the paraphernalia they've already sold except that it's a different color. In addition, they intend to convince an entire audience who never, ever watches football to buy their first tickets - gay people. Everything about this situation benefits the owners of the NFL financially in every way. But to hear the militantly intolerant Gay News Media tell it, you'd think the NFL was a bunch of old Ebeneezer Scrooges, born in the early 1800s and still not sure about this electric lightbulb idea or them there horseless carriages which may or may not be just a passing fad.  Rest assured, this new gay player will be given to a team and assigned as much TV face-time as possible long before Tim Tebow is ever allowed to return to the NFL. And keep in mind, Tebow actually led the Broncos to the playoffs and won game after game, while this new gay player has yet to do anything.  This is a non-story, a total load of self-serving gay political promoting crap, and the only people who actually care about this endless stream of pro-gay 'news' stories are other gay people and the politicians currently riding the Gay Political Machine to power and personal financial gain.

Olympic Athlete

Now, getting back to real man sports, such as the Olympics, this shouldn't even need saying, but I will anyway since the Gay-owned media seems to think otherwise, but real sports fans like me don't care about stories reporting the sexual habits of our sports stars. I don't recall anyone asking Wayne Gretzsky to reveal his sexual preferences prior to signing him up and there certainly weren't any news stories about it before he had ever set foot on the ice with the NHL. I don't recall any news articles about Troy Aikman's sexual preferences, or Joe Montana's, and all we ever heard about Michael Vick was what went on at his house where he wasn't even living with regard to dogs and dog fights, but not sex.

As long as we're on the subject, and before I get to the Olympics, I'd like to ask you this: what happens when this gay NFL player gets into a fight with whatever guy he happens to have a relationship with and he beats the other guy up? Will he be condemned for domestic violence? Will the feminists rise up and demand that he be fined or kicked out altogether? We already know the answer, don't we? Nothing will happen. He will be held to a totally different standard because all these people screaming about 'equality' don't actually want anything even remotely close to equality. They want power and privilege and a class-based society where the 'right' people are above the law and the rest of us are crushed by the law.

"No, I'm sorry"

Now, Olympic hockey is on and you know I love hockey. Early today I watched Canadian hockey players slugging it out with Norwegian hockey players and all I could think was, all these guys are descended from  the same Scandinavian viking stock. Their sisters look like Swedish supermodels and they all play a mean game of hockey. Thank God for the Scandinavian people and all the cool things they bring to the world - our hottest movie stars and supermodels, our greatest hockey players and other extreme athletes expertly dominating in some of the world's weirdest winter sports. And of course they gave us Abba.

We will rape and pillage your country, you Saxon dogs!

Hey, stop laughing. Abba sold over 300 million vinyl albums. That's pre-internet, pre-Amazon 300 million. I think The Beatles and Led Zeppelin may be the only 2 bands to sell more, but I'm not even sure of that. There were only 2 bands to outsell them, that much I remember. And don't you laugh at them Swedes. Vikings will rise again long before the Confederate South ever does and when that day comes you'll be sorry if you don't have at least one Abba record to show in order to stop them from looting and pillaging your home ( I think if you show an Ace of Base CD that may work, too, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.)

Slap that paddle - Luge Relay

So they have added a new event to the Olympics - the Luge Relay. It's like the old 4x400 track and field sprint relay I used to run back when I thought I might one day compete in the Olympics, only with ice and luges and Germanic peoples flying on their backs down a pipe at 90 mph. At first I thought it was funky, but it didn't take long to decide that this damn sport is super awesome. It is so much fun to watch. They are hauling ass and one tiny mistake, just getting a teeny bit sideways or up against the edge of the pipe, and you've instantly lost a full 1 second and are out of medal contention altogether. And 3 different luges have to travel the course error-free for each and every team. The first luge is usually a woman. If she messes up, the team is out of contention but still has to run. That happened to Austria, surprisingly enough. The second run is usually a man, or maybe it just worked out that way. I don't think there's any rules regarding the Biological Sex (you'll never hear me say fucking 'gender' on this blog) of the order required or anything, but there appears to be a requirement that at least one competitor per team be female. I assume at least one competitor has to be male, too, but you never know with political correctness. Anyway, almost every team ran a male solo luger for their 2nd run. The 3rd and final run is a 2-man luge, which is apparently harder and slower. Each team tries to run up as big a lead as possible prior to launching their final 2-man luge. Each luger has to reach up and slap a paddle at the finish line in order to open the gate for the teammate who comes after them. The 2-man luge has to slap it to stop the clock and finalize their time. If any team member fails to slap the paddle then their whole team is OUT. Sounds funky, right? But it's cool as hell to see. Seriously, if they show this in a rerun later you should watch. It's awesome.

First ever tie for Gold in Women's Alpine
- Tina Maze and Dominique Gisin -
There's a bunch of new snowboarding and skiing events, too. I don't know which ones are new and which aren't. I watched the women's downhill skiing. I think they call it the Alpine, but I don't know enough about the downhill events to know how they differentiate each event. This was the longer course. America's Julia Mancusso was our great white hope, especially since our previous gold medal winner, Lindsay Vonn, had to drop out with a torn ACL and was replaced with the third string rookie, a girl whose name I can't recall. Julia wasn't able to keep a tight enough line on the course and didn't medal at all. And our 2nd string replacement girl didn't medal either. The women who medaled were skiing a totally flawless race, all 3 of them. It was amazing. Dominique Gisin, a Swiss woman who had a horrific crash in the last winter Olympics was in first when Slovenia's supermodel, pop star and skiing champion Tina Maze blasted down the mountain like a fearless lunatic in tight pants, a very sexy fearless lunatic, and tied Dominique's time exactly. For the first time in Olympic history, the women's Alpine event ended in a tie for gold. And I'm not kidding about Tina Maze being a model, a pop star with a hit record in her home country and now having a gold medal in the hyper competitive women's alpine. Talk about impressive!

Several US competitors who won gold medals in previous Olympic competitions were basically 'expected' to win more of them this time. And several of these athletes who are basically required to come home with gold did not. Shaun White had a hard hit on the rim of the half pipe and failed to finish his first run. Then he had more trouble in his second run and failed to medal at all. The American media went ballistic. Several American athletes who were being demanded of that they bring home a gold showed cracks from the intense pressure and were unable to enjoy the games thanks to our media's constant barrage of gold medal demands. This happens in every single Olympic competition and we never learn from it. Even so, overall these are some fun Olympic games. I'm enjoying them, anyway. Are you watching? What are you enjoying the most? Did you see the luge relay? That was wild.


  1. I'd bet the truly and exclusively gay demographic in our country is in the extremely low, single digit percentage of the total population. Watch TV and you'd think it was the other way around. It shouldn't even be a topic of conversation, other than the obvious fact that political interests and corporate monies are being made to push this down our throats. Dare to object or moreover, completely embrace their lifestyle, they will do what politicians and special interest groups ALWAYS do - they will call us names (we are not supposed to call THEM names but calling the rest of US names is OK). The word in this case was, as usual, picked without ANY intelligent though as to the meaning. "Homophobic". I'm sure the delicate morons who though of that, did so on the merits of "homo" being a slur against homosexuals. Problem is, "homo" means "human". So now in addition to promoting an otherwise "offensive" slang term, they now also project a stupidity even greater than their forced-on-us-lifestyle by accusing people who object of "having a fear of humans". FUBAR!

    The Olympics. Two thoughts. One, it seems that both James Bond movies as well as The Olympics will never be as dramatic and exciting as they were during the years of The Cold War. Maybe we need that back. Ever since it ended, so did our space program and the drive to do things that motivated our country to invent and explore and develop to great levels. Now complacency rules. I will always remember watching "The Miracle On Ice" hockey game in 1980. Closest thing to WWIII I think I ever got to see. The Russians had their all-but-professional, trained and infused with steroids, you'll-be-shot-if-you-lose, athletes vs. our amateur college kids. PLEASE tell me when our country last had a patriotic moment as great as that. In fact, I bet that was one of the few times that most of the free world may have felt pride in their democratic homelands, as well.

    Second thought against The Olympics - NBC. I HATE being shown The Olympics in the perspective that NBC and Low-T-Matt-Lauer chose to present it. I have caught in passing a few events. Last night, the wonderful world of figure skating. Guys zipping around the ice whilst hoisting ladies in tu-tus by their crotches before throwing them through the air into triple sow cow toe loop lutzes. I no idea what those are. All I know is they all do that flawlessly until The Olympics. The Olympics are held in some kind of gravitational vortex where the laws of physics cause anyone to spin out of control and land on their boney butts. I think a new Olympic event could be a figure skater tossing event. Whoever tosses their partner the greatest distance by their crotch, wins the gold!

    Hey I did like Abba. I guess that is one of those statements that people feel it is an embarrassing thing to admit. Scandinavian countries have had lots of unique and awesome talent. If they were in the Clear-Channel-owned U.S. of A. nobody would ever get to hear them....

    ....oh wait...come to think of it, in the Clear-Channel-owned U.S. of A. nobody DOES hear groups like them anymore.

    How sad.

    1. Bronx, it's long been known that the homosexual population at any given time in any given nation never exceeds 3 percent. In the US they try to inflate the numbers by throwing in any and all manner of sexual deviancy other than straight up monogamous heterosexuality. So to jack up the numbers closer to 10 percent they include bisexuals, polyamorous, transvestites, transsexuals, pedophiles, necrophiliacs, beastialists, masturbators, furries, sado-masochists, and anyone else they can dig up. Even among those they claim as homosexual, many are not strictly homosexual. Ricky Martin is a perfect example. They grabbed him and labeled him and there he sat on national TV saying "it's complicated. I'm with men. I'm with women. Just not at the same time usually." That's not gay. That's bisexual. But they wanted him so they claimed him as gay. And there is a LOT of that.

      I always start out blowing off the Olympics. Then, the final few days of the games, I end up watching them and getting all excited. And then when they end I feel terribly sad. So this time I'm trying to watch them as they go and catch all I can. I'll regret it if I don't.

      I'm not really sure why we decided that the Cold War was over. Granted, the Soviet Union had an economic collapse, the likes of which we are rapidly speeding towards. But Russia is still spying on us and stealing our secrets while sabotaging us just like always. So is China. China has surpassed us in terms of the latest missile technology. Have you heard about their hypersonic missile? We don't have one like it. They never declared the Cold War over. We just decided to defund our end of it and throw our money into promoting anti-white racism, anti-male sexism, anti-Christian fanaticism and Big Government vote-buying welfare instead. We aren't fighting the Cold War anymore, but our enemies still are.

      As for Abba, if I didn't own some of their albums I probably wouldn't know so much about them. You can buy their entire album collection in one DVD set off Amazon for not a lot of money. To hell with radio. Record what you want and carry it with you in your car. That's what I do.

    2. So true about the different perversions lumped into what is considered the gay demographic. Sad thing is, all of the groups you mentioned will probably be added to with new sick shit. For example, people who have sex with same-sex, under-aged dead cross-dressing animals. A homo-pedo-transvesto-necro-bestialophile? Scoff at that now. It won't surprise me when something along those lines arises.

      I agree about The Cold War. I recall saying when the "ending" came, that things were worse. Instead of two super powers who only stood to lose if all out nuclear war occurred, there was now a poverty stricken group of former USSR states that had NOTHING to lose. The Russian's Tzar Bomba was the most powerful KNOWN nuclear donation ever. I recall reading that they lowered the yield to 50 megatons from the originally designed 75 to100 megatons, not being sure what the latter might have done. So just where ARE those weapons now? Dismantled? HA! BULLSHIT!

      I did read about China's hypersonic missile. I did hear that it can penetrate any of our missile defense systems. Question is, what HAVEN'T we heard of yet that they have?

      Did you see that report about the hackers in Russia? Any phone or computer that is turned on is nearly instantly hacked and private information is compromised. (Video here: These are the kind of attacks that it would seem Russia and China are already working on in order to cause damage over here. Hypersonic missiles and Tzar Bombas will be the icing on the cake. Time for people here to wake up.

      I agree there is still a Cold War. I think it has become far more complex and dangerous.

      Thankfully, we have lots of loyal allies..., strike that last remark....!

  2. I have the DVR set to record all of the Olympic games (since some of them come on at CRAZY times). I love watching ice skating, luge, that new snowboarding event was the bomb, and the freestyle skiing (on the same course that the new snowboarding event occurred) also kicked @ss. I am not a big fan of watching the skiing. I think I get bored too easily, so I tend to watch and fast forward on that. That whole thing with the biathalon was funky, too. I don't think I've ever seen that event. Ski, shoot, ski some more, shoot some more. I sometimes scratch my head and think, "Who comes up with this stuff?" I haven't gotten to the luge relay yet, but I am now really looking forward to it!!!

    1. Robin, I really should be recording it. I'm missing so much. I know I've missed several snowboarding competitions. They have one that is like motocross and I really like that one. Tonight I saw the mens' freestyle ski thing where they just go up ramps backwards and do flips and spins in the air, just like the snowboarders do. That was new to me. Right now I'm watching the women's skeleton. I'd love to get a chance to ride one of those down that track. It looks like so much fun! I think the biathlon is a pretty old event, but maybe it didn't get much TV coverage in years past because the US has never dominated it. I think the Scandinavian/Germanic countries always win that. And that hasn't changed.

  3. Sick as a dog here. And let us see took 2 Nyquil caps, 1 Flexeril, 2 Gabopentin and some Benedyl. And I have to be up in 3 and 1/2 hours. Blah!!! It just came on all of a sudden this morning. Then I played catch up with Teddy Bear cop for three hours. I think he has the flu. So this is not looking good for me. Blah!!!

    I am not getting to watch the Olympics. But I love love love the luge. The sad thing is all I remember about this is them coming in and saying they had hired some people to come in and kill the homeless dogs over there ugh!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

    1. Stormy, you should be happy to hear that one of our Olympic athletes has been taking care of stray dogs while he's there, getting them vaccinated and all that. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. The most amusing thing to me was this: I just started taking the Olympic games a bit more seriously when along comes a German ski jumper by the name of 'Andreas Wank' sliding down the slippery slope of translation.
    A. Wank.
    And now there's someone called Semen.

    1. Juliette, in this great big international marketplace it must be terribly difficult for a German boy going through life named A. Wank. I'm surprised he isn't some kind of boxer or Greco Roman wrestler filled with rage and steroids. Ha ha! I'm going to have to Google him now and see what he looks like. And Semen is next. Because Semen always comes after A Wank, right? Ha ha ha ha!

  5. You hear about Gay marriage issues a lot these days. Personally, I think we should ban all marriages and stay single, warm and fuzzy. Happy VD.

    I find it hard to watch the Winter Olympics since someone could crack their head open at any given time. I also could not watch Cirque du Soleil, and look what happened there.

    I prefer swimming, track and other sports where it's more difficult to kill oneself.

    1. Susie, ironically the political forces that first proposed gay marriages simply presented it as a means to an end, with that end being the abolishment and outlawing of marriage altogether. They proposed redefining 'family' in order to weaken it, and redefining marriage again and again until it was rendered meaningless and people were willing to surrender it, just as you have suggested. There is method to this madness after all.

      I love the fast and high flying winter sports, but the crashes in skiing can be truly horrific to see. I've never seen anyone fall in Cirque de Soleil but I imagine that would be pretty terrible, too. I still watch, though. I just hope for the best. Ironically, if I watch racing, such as NASCAR, and it gets boring I find myself hoping for a wreck just to liven things up.

  6. I have been watching some of the Olympics - I have the TV on during the day while I am also doing other things. Naturally I watch the Canadian hockey games -- but I find the women's games almost better. I also love the Freestyle Skiing, Aerials and Snowboarding. Luge is crazy!! I get so nervous watching them go down that icy slope so fast.
    Speaking of icy slopes.... I cannot believe a political (or moral if you are of that mindset) has become the focus. The Games should just be about the games. The Olympic Spirit. What do I care who they kiss when they are done competition? Or if Russia has different laws than my country? Um....isn't that the whole point of Freedom? Whether I agree with your lifestyle or not, I certainly do agree with the notion that you should be free to choose your lifestyle. And not get beaten in the streets for it either. But you cannot say that you want the world to be Free and have Peace; and then say: but only if you conform to our idea of what that is. You cannot tell the Gays that then can announce and celebrate what they are; and then tell the Christian they cannot quote from the Bible. Um, no. Just because I don't agree with something, it doesn't naturally conclude that I either fear or hate it.

    Honestly, I think I'd just like to go back to the days when bedroom stuff was kept in the bedroom. It's really nobody's business. To me, the whole thing is not a "gay" issue, or an us against them issue: its a Human issue. Mind your business, and treat people who are different than you - however that looks - with respect. If you are confident and secure in yourself -- you have no reason to be threatened by them.

    1. RoryB, an old Jewish rabbi once warned of the danger of the militant antiNazis becoming the new Nazis. All of this began with them claiming they wanted 'tolerance' which meant we must not speak a word against anything they say or do. It quickly slid into militant intolerance of anyone who dares disapprove or disagree. They claimed to want to be left alone and quickly deviated over to screaming in everyone's faces and refusing to leave anyone alone. The antiNazis have indeed rapidly become the new Nazis.


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