Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The 20Q Meme

The 20Q Meme, stolen from Julie

1. When you buy a greeting card are the words or the picture more important to you?
It depends. Am I in trouble with a girl for some reason? If so, then clearly the words are vital. If not, then a picture of a bikini-clad boobie girl is always the way to go.

Layer Cake

2. What’s your favorite kind of cake?
Jessica Biel / Scarlett Johansson layer cake with me in the middle, of course.

3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them? 
Once upon a time, long, long ago, I used my new computer and new printer to make Christmas cards for everyone on my list. I pasted my head into various ridiculous photos where it was obvious I could not possibly have been there and mailed them out. Then some shithead made the movie "Forrest Gump" and totally stole my idea, except using film instead of photos, and I never did it again.

4. You are chosen to have lunch with the President. The condition is you only get to ask one question. What do you ask?
Did you really have your gay lovers in Chicago killed following Governor Blagojevich's threat to expose you as a fudge packer or did they just die all three in a three day span of each other by total coincidence right before you took office? No need to call the Secret Service, I'll let myself out. Thanks.

5. Which do you dislike most: pop-up ads or spam email?
Pop up ads, because they cause me to blurt out extremely obscene curse words at inconvenient times.


6. What was the best party you’ve ever been to?
I don't recall. And that's a good indication of just how much I enjoyed that party. And the open bar.

7. Which is worse, being in a place that is too loud, or too quiet?
I'm not really sure what too quiet sounds like. I have tinnitus so quiet is relative. But too loud is a definite problem because I need to keep the hearing I've got and I don't need my tinnitus to get any worse.

8. You are offered an envelope that you know contains $50. You are then told that you may either keep it or exchange it for another envelope that may contain $500 or may be empty. Do you keep the first envelope, or do you take your chances with the second?
I have the kind of luck where I could draw the empty envelope 100 times in a row in defiance of all laws of probability. I'll keep the damn $50 and buy a tank of gas with it.

9. Do you wish cellphone etiquette was a required class upon purchasing one?
No, what I wish for is a remote control that enables me to cause any cell phone I choose to emit an ear piercing squeal until I decide to make it stop. Yeah, hang the fuck up and drive or I'll show you what it feels like to have tinnitus!

10. What’s the most messed up food combination that you’ve had that was actually good?
How can it be messed up if it was actually good?

Just no

11. What’s one of your most random pet peeves (something that annoys you)?
A random pet peeve? Hmm, how about an ego so huge that the clearly marked property line can't contain it? How about taking a cool classic car and putting fucking 26 inch rims on it so that it looks like a skateboard? How about people who think that "some animals or more equal than others?" How about girls who wear their boobs on the outside of their shirts and then act all pissy when a guy looks at them? How about politicians who promise one thing, then vote totally opposite of their promise, then email me to lie and say they kept their promise? How about idiots who swerve at me to indicate they want to change lanes instead of turning on their fucking blinker, as if I EVER respond to threats in a positive way?  

12. When is the last time you had home cooking?
Tonight. Is this important? 

13. If you could be a fictional character from a book who would you choose?
Superman. And I'd hump the shit out of Supergirl and Wonderwoman 'cause who else could handle the Superboner, right?

Mrs Pritchett

14. If you could be in a television sit-com, which would you choose?
Jay Pritchett in "Modern Family" cause that dude gets to make babies with Sofia Vergara and that would be totally awesome.

15. If you could be any animal or creature for one day, what would it be?
Again, Superman, for the same reasons as before.

16. What’s your favorite girl’s name?
Jessica Biel. I mean .. wait, what?

My favorite

17. What’s your favorite boy’s name?
Walker Texas Ranger

18. What’s your supermarket of choice?
Supermarket of choice? There's only one in this tiny little Boondocks where I live. Plus a super Walmart where we almost never buy groceries. If there's really only one does it qualify as my supermarket of choice? I mean, I don't really have much choice so I don't think it should count.

19. If you were to attend a costume party tonight, what or whom would you go as?
I have at most 4 costumes in my house, so that kind of limits my choices since the party is tonight, right? So, I guess I'd either go as Flash, Batman, Captain Morgan or a Muslim terrorist because that's all the costumes I've got.
Must have

20. What is your concession stand must-have at the movies?
Most concessions have a hot high school or college girl working there. When I was in high school or college that was great. I would go to the concessions to try to talk to Julie Reny because she was super hot and I was super nervous every time I tried to ask her out. I never did get to ask and it turned out to be just as well because she had already hooked up with the guy she eventually married, so I would have been shot down. But these days it would be creepy for me to go hit on high school girls at the concession stand so I just skip it.

So there you have it. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

X-Men: Rise of the Homosexual Child Rapist

Bryan Singer, producer of almost all of the X-Men movies as well as the reboot of Superman movies, is an admitted homosexual and Hollywood producer, infamous for his homosexual orgies at the mansion he shares with his gay lover, Marc Collins. The orgies are even advertised openly on the internet.

Marc Collins has already been convicted in New Jersey in 2004 of luring 5 young boys across state lines to have homosexual sex with them. Marc Collins is a convicted homosexual sex offender. Now his boyfriend, Bryan Singer, and he are being accused of drugging and raping a then 17-year-old boy while threatening him that if he didn't give in they would ruin his career in the entertainment industry. The charges include allegations that both men drugged and raped thousands of boys over the past many years, but currently only one of the boys from their well-publicized orgies has come forward, letting his career in movies go entirely in order to do so.

I don't know if the charges are true, but I have heard repeated allegations that various homosexual film producers, directors, and other powerful behind-the-scenes individuals of a gay persuasion have been raping and threatening young actors and actresses throughout Hollywood. Corey Feldman indicated that Corey Haim's tragic decline and death was tied directly to his having been repeatedly raped as a young boy in the film industry. Corey Feldman indicated that the men raping boys in the film industry are so powerful that while everyone knows who they are and what they are doing, no one will come forward because everyone knows their career will be ruined and they will never work again. Corey Feldman claims this culture of homosexual rape has been rampant in Hollywood since the very first day he set foot there and goes back much further.

I've complained on this blog several times about the twisted and very misandric attitudes that permeate the entire entertainment industry. Most of the time I focused on communist dirtbags like Sumner Redstone, who encourages acts of sexual violence against white males as well as celebrating government abuse of power, and others like him. But Corey Feldman's allegations, ending his own chances of reviving his career, gave me information I needed to look deeper into the reasons for the growing hostility towards males in the film industry. As much as lesbian feminists and communist cunts hate males, there is a particular hatred required inside a man to motivate him to shove a boy's head underwater while raping him in the ass. And this specific hatred is displayed with increasing frequency in movies and TV shows, as well as books and even legislation passed into law.

Now, shoving all of this seriousness aside, I want to show you a photo of Bryan Singer. Before I had even read the article I saw the photo and instantly said to myself, "that man is gay." I want to show it to you and see if you have a similar reaction.

Bryan Singer
Now you might think, "listen, no one can just look at a person and just know that they're gay. That's crazy!" I disagree. There are some gay people I can't look at and detect that they're gay, but there are many that I can. There's even science behind this. So of course I'll link it here just to support my argument. Also, I'm watching a boring movie and Googling is more interesting than watching this slow moving film.

And here is Bryan's latest boyfriend, Mark Collins. Does he look gay to you?

Marc Collins
Now, let's play a game. Applying the science of Gaydar, let me show you several more faces of famous people and you tell me which, if any, that you think might also be gay. I won't promise to tell you in the comments if you're right. I can't prove if you're right in many of the cases I'm going to post. But I suspect some of them are. And in one case, he himself said it was more complicated that just gay or straight, but no one would listen, so they just labeled him gay despite his having openly admitted to relationships with both men and women.

Ready, let's play Gay or Straight?

Johnny B
Johnny T
Justin T
Jessica B

So, you decide, then leave your guesses in the comments.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This Week in the News

OK, first of all I want to say that every single website that features video ads which start playing on my computer using my CPU whether I OK it or not simply because I've visited their page can go fuck themselves. I close the page immediately and don't go back. Even if I wanted to visit that site. It's just not worth putting up with the intrusion. So fuck all of you websites with autoplay video ads.

Now, this week in the news.

President Obama's hand-picked head of the IRS illegally conspired with his hand-picked heads of the Department of Justice to illegally target conservatives and conservative organizations for various illegal harassment, allegedly at the request of President Obama himself. If these charges prove true, Democrats are expected to make sure that nothing is done, or even more likely, that Republicans are somehow blamed.

In response to Obama's statements promising "greater flexibility" following the 2012 elections, followed by his near total dismantling of the US military and associated defenses, Russian president Putin began retaking all the lost Soviet satellite nations, starting with the Ukraine. Obama's response to the invasion of Ukraine has been to firmly warn Putin that there may or may not be sanctions and possibly even a firm finger wagging the next time Russia invades a neighbor. Putin is alleged to have responded "yeah right faggot."

Washington DC's espionage machine has focused so much of its resources into efforts to spy on American citizens that is has totally lost track of any and all Muslim terrorists around the world, including those illegally inside the United States. In response to this, President Obama has indicated that there will be no change in policy.

2 white high school students were expelled for bringing a confederate flag to their high school in 'progressive' New York. Principal Gary Cregan is alleged to have said that a symbol he hates, the national flag of the Confederate States of America, will not be tolerated at his school. On the other hand, had the boys brought a rainbow flag or even a Soviet Union flag, it would have been OK and no punishment would have been necessary. He said there is no room for intolerance at his school and that he won't tolerate any views with which he disagrees.

FBI agents have been illegally shaking down gun stores across the nation, demanding to see all customer data on gun purchases. At the same time, they warn that gun store owners are required to be on the look-out for white citizens who use terrorist language, using words such as "liberty" or "freedom," but insist that Muslim and/or Middle Eastern customers are NOT to be a cause for concern.

Billionaire communist, gun control Nazi and former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg has confidently declared that all of his attempts to eliminate the Constitution and the right of The People to defend themselves against tyranny and oppression has earned him the right to march into Heaven and be honored by God himself "if he exists."

“I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close,”

Bloomberg's statement comes during the week of Passover  and Easter, a special irony when compared to Jesus' own statements about the right to bear arms and self-defense:

Luke 22:35,36

35 And he said to them, When I sent you out with no moneybag or knapsack or sandals, did you lack anything? They said, “Nothing.” 36 He said to them, But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one."

Happy Passover!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Super Chevy Show 2014

I spent the entire day, Saturday, at the Super Chevy Show in Millington, TN. It was a nice day, not as hot as usual. Even so, to avoid another epic sunburn I wore long sleeves and jeans and a big-ass hat. I didn't take very many photos this year. I just didn't feel like it. Most years I spend more time looking through a camera than I do actually looking at the cars with my own eyes. This year I felt like being selfish and just looking and enjoying myself.

After looking over all the swap-meet cars and parts, I went inside to the car show. There were quite a few new cars this year, cars I'd never seen before. There seemed to be more full-sized and rare early '60s cars with 409s and such than in years past. Or perhaps I simply noticed them more?

I was disappointed to find only 2 first generation Monte Carlos like mine. But I got to meet the owners of both of them. They live just down the highway from me. We had never seen each other's Monte Carlos running around, which isn't surprising since we never drive them. We all three ran into a parts dealer from Arkansas who says he has about 60 first generation Monte Carlo bodies for parts. I took his business card and badly need to go see him. No one is making first generation Monte Carlo body panels anymore. I don't know why. It seemed like just a short time ago that I could get anything I needed for this car, but not anymore.

After the 2 Monte Carlos I skipped on past the later model Monte Carlos and headed for the Chevelles. I spent some time talking to a man who did his own frame-off restoration of his blue 1970 Chevelle SS454. He had a photo album filled with pictures of the process. It got me thinking about all the things I need to do to my own Chevelle. The longer it sits, the more work there is needing to be done. But the same thing is true of my Monte Carlo.

After viewing all the cars I went to the dragstrip to watch the drag races. While I was watching a giant cloud of smoke began pouring into the sky from somewhere behind the tower. People in the stands across the track from me began climbing up and looking out through the fence at where the fire was taking place. Finally the announcer told us that there was a fire in one of the fields where people were parked for the show. But the field wasn't connected to the motorsports park so there wasn't much else they could tell us about it. The races had to be stopped while all emergency personnel went over to the field to fight the fire. It was huge.

Eventually the fire was put out and the announcer said everyone who parked over there could go and check on their cars if they wanted to, but no one had been hurt or killed in the fire. Then the racing started back up.

The sun began to set and my stomach told me that it was well after supper time. Even though the races had a long way to go before they were done, I got up and headed for my car. I stopped long enough to look over a few '57s Chevys and then crossed pit row to the grass where my old hoopty was parked. I glanced briefly at a Chevy pickup that looked to be stuck nose-first in a ditch. Someone had pulled into what appeared to be a nice parking spot only to fall into a hole that tall grass had hidden. Sucks for them.

As I drove home I began to realize just how exhausted I was. I had been there for the entire day, mostly on my feet, in the blazing sunshine, and with very little to drink. The day started off pretty crappy. I wanted to drive my minitruck instead of my hoopty, but the minitruck wouldn't start. It wasn't just a low battery. It was totally and completely dead. WTF? When I tried to use my 4x4 I encountered the exact same problem - totally and completely dead with not a flicker of power at all. Even the interior light didn't come on. Again, WTF??? This time was especially odd because the 4x4 has a brand new battery in it. So today, Sunday, I have had the 'fun' of pulling two batteries. One, the brand new one from the 4x4, I took to have tested. It tested as BAD. The other I have been trying to charge for hours. It reads 75% charged, but the needle never moves. So I expect that tomorrow I'll have to take it to be tested, too, and more than likely its going to test BAD as well. But replacing the batteries is only one step in this problem. What caused these two batteries to fry while the trucks were simply sitting there? Something is very wrong here.

If either battery looked like this I might understand, but both were immaculate

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Captain America

and the Winter Soldier

And coming soon, the Wonder Woman movie 

Followed closely by the Justice League movie ...

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